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Preventing Shoreline Erosion

Monday, August 21, 2017

Is your house located on a lake and showing signs of serious erosion problems on your shoreline?

Signs of serious problems include: 

  • Bare soil on a steep, high shoreline bank
  • Recession of the shoreline over a period of time
  • Leaning or exposed roots on trees
  • Large patches of muddy water near a lakeshore, or unusually muddy streams during periods of high water or following a rainstorm

To control shoreline erosion, some basic preventive guidelines can benefit you in the long run.  

  • Preserve the rocks and vegetation that naturally occur along the shoreline.
  • Prevent runoffs (driveways, roofs, etc) from flowing into the shoreline, especially bluff areas.
  • Avoid construction within 100 feet of the shoreline or the edge of nearshore bluffs.
  • Protect nearshore berms pushed up by ice action along lakeshores. They prevent excessive surface runoff and trap sand which "nourishes" the beach. 

Here are a couple of basic types of erosion control methods:

Vegetative: involves planting trees or woody shrubs

Structural: The placement of rock of various sizes (referred to as rip-rap) has been the preferred and most common method

This is where Shoreline Aggregate can help you.  We have a variety of rip rap material that can meet your needs.  Take a look and see if we can help.