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Natural sand and gravel are generally found in river and stream valleys where they have been deposited by water, ridges and hills. The sand and gravel are found where they were left behind by the receding glacial action and subsequently altered by erosive forces.

Top Dressing Sand Supplier | Golf Course Solutions

Top Dressing Sand

Greens Grade Topdressing Sand – No Fines

Meets all USGA® recommendations for greens topdressing Consistent particle sizes

Great percolation & infiltration rates

Centennial Park Bunkers | Sand Suppliers

Bunker Sand

One of the most challenging obstacles for a golf course superintendent is to create a "hazard" that everyone enjoys. Our bunker sand meets the specifications provided by the USGA.
  • Chesapeake Bunker Sand
  • Niblick Bunker Sand
  • Riviera Bunker Sand
Divot Mixes - buy online | Golf Course Material

Divot Mixes

Sand with Peat Mixes are available in ratios of 90/10, 80/20, and 70/30 depending on your field requirements.

Mason Sand Supplier

Mason Sand

Very fine beach type sand. Used for mason applications, brick pavers, and sand boxes.

Equestrian Arena Sand

Equestrian Arena Sand
Made with horses hooves in mind
Safe for horses and riders with NO oversized material
Clean & washed sand – NO silt or clay

Pea Gravel Buy Online

Pea Gravel

3/8" round, mutli color.

  • Backfill non-corregated pipe
  • Dog runs
  • Play areas

Volleyball Sand

Nothing beats Shoreline Sand on the volleyball court. We have the quality sand with the color and texture players prefer.

Torpedo Sand / Concrete Sand

Course grade of sand with superior drainage ability. For paver leveling, concrete mix, sand boxes, stone walls.

Pool Sand

Fine, clean washed sand with no rocks.