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What is Mason Sand?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sand is a material that is around us more than we think. Usually when people think “sand” their first thought is a day at the beach or a sand dune. Though there is a lot of sand at the beach, that’s not what we’re referring to when we say, “sand is all around us.” Sand is a natural occurring material that is used for a wide range of applications we often don’t think about. A few examples would include sand used to make roads, maintain golf courses and as paver base. You may be thinking, “aren’t all sands the same?” Sand comes in a variety of different sizes, coarseness, composition and vary depending on their purpose. The same sand that is used to make concrete is a different specification from the sand used to topdress a putting green. Both sands require different specifications to carry out it’s designed task, that’s why it’s important you have the correct sand for your project. Each type of sand is washed and prepared to meet industry standards for its function. At Shoreline, we have top quality sand for all your needs.

Sand varieties include:

  • Top dressing sand 
  • Bunker sand 
  • Divot mixes 
  • Rootzone Sand 
  • Mason sand 
  • Equestrian sand 
  • Pea gravel 
  • Volleyball sand 
  • Pool sand 
  • Torpedo sand/Concrete sand

Mason Sand

Mason Sand is often referred to as an all-purpose sand, as it has many different functions and capabilities. Mason sand is a fine graded sand that can be used as a fill material, paver base, beach sand, sandbox material and leveling agent. Shoreline’s mason sand is clean washed and free of any debris or contaminants. Though there is a lot of sand around us on beaches throughout Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we are happy to provide you with the right sand for your next project.

Order you Mason sand today!

When you think of top quality Mason sand, think of Shoreline. Our products meet the highest quality standards. Along with our excellent products, we also have quick delivery, competitive pricing and superior customer service. Contact us for a free sample or quote and order your Torpedo sand today. Shoreline—building things that matter.

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